Sale: Yamaha Tyros 5,Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS2,Pioneer DDJ-SX2,Korg Pa4


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Sale: Yamaha Tyros 5,Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS2, Pioneer DDJ-SX2,Korg Pa4Contact Name: Henry GustavoEmail: H.Gustavo@outlook.comGmail: Henrygustavo209@gmail.comWHATSAPP: +1(403) 605-3788BBM CHAT: 2C343146We are a large musical instrument trading company, who enjoyed good reputation for many years.all brand new models of Musical instrument such as Saxophone,Drum Set,Trumpet,Keyboard,Guitar,Digital Piano,and many more at very cheap price with complete accessories. We can offer you a reasonable competitive prices!!!!**Note : Contact us if you want the price and more details about the instrument..we also offer you so much discount on the keyboard..the instruments are cheap.Below are few of our products.KEYBOARDSYamaha Tyros 5 KeyboardYamaha Tyros 4 61 Key KeyboardYamaha Tyros 3 61 Key KeyboardYamaha Motif XS8 88-keyYamaha Motif keyboard XS7 76-KeyYamaha Tyros2 61-Key KeyboardYamaha PSR-S700 61-Key PortableYamaha PSR-S900 – 61-Key KeyboardYamaha PSR-S910 – 61-Key KeyboardYamaha PSR-S950 – 61-Key KeyboardYamaha 88-key synthesizer S90ESYamaha MO6 61-key synthesizerYamaha S08 Synthesizer 88 keysYamaha LS9-32 Digital Mixing ConsoleYamaha LS9-16 Digital 48kHz Mixing Console with 16 ChannelsYamaha 01V96VCM Digital Mixing ConsoleKorg Pa3X Professional Arranger WorkstationKorg Pa2xpro 76 Key Pro Arranger Pro KeyboardKorg PA800 PRO ARRANGEKorg M388 88 Key Keyboard WorkstationKorg TR-88 88-key WorkstatioKorg OASYS 88 88-Key WorkstationKorg Pa500 arranger keyboard 61 keysKorg PA50 Arranger WorkstationRoland Fantom-G6 61-key Sampling Synth WorkstationRoland G-70 76-key Arranger KeyboardRoland V-Synth GT 61-key Variable Oscillator Synthesizer / SamplerRoland V-Synth XT Rack / Tabletop SynthesizerRoland FP-7 88-key Digital Stage PianoRoland VP-550 Vocal-modeling KeyboardRoland FP-4 Digital Piano with 88 KeysRoland EXR-46 OR Arranger KeyboardRoland Fantom-G8 88-key Sampling Synth WorkstationRoland Fantom-G7 76-key Sampling Synth WorkstationRoland Fantom-XR 128-Voice Expandable SynthesizerRoland VK-8M Desktop Virtual tonewheel Organ ModuleRoland Fantom-XR 128-Voice Expandable SynthesizerRoland FP-7C 88-key Digital Piano with StandRoland RP-101 88-key Digital Grand PianoRoland MP-70 88-note Hammer Action Digital PianoRoland VK-8 61-Key ModeledRoland RD-300GX 88-key Digital Stage PianoRoland FP-4C 88-key Digital Piano with StandRoland RD-700SX 88-Key Expandable Digital PianoDRUM SETSMapex Pro M 7-Piece Fusion PopLudwig Classic Maple 4-Piece DrumMapex Saturn 6 Piece Studio Drum Set, Electric BlueLudwig Accent Fab 4 4-Piece Drum SetMapex M Birch Studio 6-Piece Studio Drum SetPacific LXE Series 5-Piece Tiger Ash Red Finish Drum Set w / Black HardwareTama Superstar 7-Piece Double BassRoland TD-20S V-Pro Electronic Drum SetRoland TD-12S V-Stage Electronic Drum SetRoland TD-9SX V-Tour Electronic Drum SetRoland TD-6SW V-Tour Electronic Drum SetMIXERS2X PIONEER CDJ-350 Turntable + DJM-350 Mixer2X CDJ 1000MK3 + 1 DJM 800 DJ PACKAGE2X PIONEER CDJ 850 + 1 DJM 800 CD DJ PACKAGE2X PIONEER CDJ 900 + 1 DJM 700 CD DJ PACKAGE2X PIONEER CDJ 900 + DJM 800 CD DJ PACKAGE2X PIONEER CDJ-900 +1 DJM-2000 MIXER PACKAGE2X PIONEER CDJ200 + DJM350 CD Player and Mixer PACKAGEPIONEER CDJ-1000 MK3 PLAYERPIONEER CDJ-800 MK3 PLAYERPIONEER CDJ-1000 MK2 PLAYERPLAYER PIONEER CDJ-800 MP3 MK2PIONEER DJM 1000PIONEER DJM 800PIONEER DJM 600Pioneer DVJ-X1 DVDPioneer – SVM-1000 Digital Video MixerWhy buy from us?* Your privacy is assured* Secure transaction guaranteed* We offer 90 days return policy and 100% money back guarantee.Contact Name: Henry GustavoEmail: H.Gustavo@outlook.comGmail: Henrygustavo209@gmail.comWHATSAPP: +1(403) 605-3788BBM CHAT: 2C343146

 Sale: Yamaha Tyros 5,Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS2,Pioneer   DDJ-SX2,Korg Pa4



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